Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Work-in-progress Wednesday

I think I'll start trying to post a work-in-progress or two every Wednesday. I haven't had a great track record with this sort of regular weekly stuff (or, you know, blogging period), but I'll give it a shot. WIPWednesday is nothing new, and hopefully doing it myself will both encourage me to finish projects and connect with other WIPWednesday-ers.

Yesterday I started working on something for my mother- a special book-plate to mark a shelf at the library that holds her personal recommendations for patrons.

She found the image with the ship and text, but wanted something more. She loved the card I made last week with book pages and asked if I would help her with something similar. Of course I was happy to!

We'll probably glue the image down over what I've done and trim it into a border for the image. One reason this is a WIP is that I'm out of glue and couldn't get out to the store for more.

I'll be sure to finish the finished project!

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