Saturday, September 7, 2013

Getting back into blogging...

Well! I have done nothing for this blog over the summer. I've spent my time moving, adjusting to change, working, introducing my mother to Dr. Who (she loves it!), and reading. Lots of reading. I do want to try giving this blog another go, though. Maybe this time I can make it stick.

You may notice that crafting (of any sort) was not mentioned in my list above. With moving and all the other things I've had going on, I have not have time; it doesn't help that all my buttons, beads, papers, glues, and tools are still packed away.

I've made a start though. I'm slowly starting to catch up on blogs I used to follow, though I really don't spend much time online anymore. I also made a card a few days ago, and finally got around to snapping a picture of it this morning.

Do you like it? I used pages out of a beat-up collection of Hauff's Fairytales to put it together. The book is filled with wonderful illustrations and I plan on creating many more cards from its pages!

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