Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIPWednesday: My craft stash, my life.

Alas, I have made no progress on last week's WIPWednesday project. I did sit down to work on it on Monday, because I found the perfect copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz- falling apart, beautifully yellowed, and with illustrations. I couldn't believe my luck. Buuuuuut as per usual I got sidetracked and started another project. I made some greeting cards with illustrations (similar to this one and these others) and they turned out really well! Hopefully I'll have them up later this week.

This week's WIP, though, is my stash of craft supplies.

I'm a packrat, through and through. I got it from my dad. So of course, my crafty stash of buttons, beads, scraps of paper, bits of fabric and ribbon, and other odds and ends is too big. Not to mention I'm organizationally challenged.

I hastily moved back to my mom's after a painful but definitely for-the-best breakup mid-July and so much of my crap is still in the garage, totally unorganized. When I packed up all my craft stuff at the old apartment I had probably seven different ongoing projects on my desk, and we literally just threw everything into these little plastic boxes we had handy.

I hadn't touched them until today, when I got the organizing bug. Part of the difficulty is that I don't have a space in the house to put everything yet. Maybe eventually in the extra bedroom, but Mom will take some convincing...

It felt really good to work on all this stuff today. I went from a dozen little boxes of totally unorganized odds and ends to four designated boxes. Slowly but surely I'll sort through all this crap, figure out what's worth keeping, and where the heck I'm going to put it.

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