Saturday, September 14, 2013

Caturday: Tommy the Tabby

A few weeks ago I went down to visit a friend who had just moved to LA. I had a fabulous time. We went to The Last Bookstore (which is amaaaaaaziiiiing and I want to live there), Universal City Walk, and Disneyland. It was an epic weekend.

And her roommate has an epic cat, Tommy the Tabby!

It's hard to tell from the photos- but he's MASSIVE. The biggest tabby I've ever seen. I mean, he's kind of chunky in terms of weight, but even without that he's huge.

King of the castle!

Time to get ready for work. We got a new movie yesterday (The Spectacular Now- it looks great), and we're showing the 49ers game tomorrow, so it should be a busy weekend!

Happy Caturday!

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