Thursday, March 21, 2013

A tisket, a tasket... fake pears in a basket!

The other night I sat down to crank out some wine charms but I just wasn't feeling it. I picked up my pliers and tried, but felt so uninspired. I sat for a minute and let my mind wander, and on semi-autopilot I grabbed my size P crochet hook and some jute and started crocheting.

Maybe an hour, hour and a half later I had this little basket! I really just let my mind wander with this one, and after I had finished the base I realized I was making a basket. Which I figure is great, what with Easter coming up! I didn't have any cute easter eggs (and eggs looked a bit small in the basket) so I grabbed some fake pears I had lying around and three fit perfectly.

Have you ever been in that semi-autopilot state? I've made some terrible crochet mistakes in different projects that way... but I've also made some pretty awesome things that way, too! Brains work in mysterious ways, no?

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Happy THursday everybody!

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