Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No patience

I have no patience for this photography thing.

It doesn't help that I took this on my dumbphone!

My skills have not advanced. And it's not for lack of resources. I have a fancy camera. I just haven't sat down to learn it other than point and shoot. Not to mention the bajillions of tips, tricks, and tutes out there on the interwebs. I also haven't really made an effort to create a space for photography. I did start making a lightbox with instructions from Flax and Twine today, but for some reason I am so easily discouraged when it comes to photography.

On the upside I spent some time working on organizing my workspace this week. It stretches along one side of the bedroom and consists of a large desk, a big metal cabinet, and a three-drawer plastic storage bin that doubles as my night stand. Aaaaaand I have way too much stuff! Not to mention I usually have three or four projects going on at once- my ADD brain works better that way, in spite of the chaos and clutter.

Hopefully soon I'll have that lightbox up and running.


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