Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick & easy craft: Bottle cap magnets!

The other day I felt the need to finish something. I have so many interrupted projects and my stash of stuff is getting out of control. Who am kidding? It's been out of control for a while now.

I had saved several colorful bottle caps from beer and soda bottles with the idea of making magnets. I don't know why I didn't do this ages ago... it was so easy, and the accomplishment of actually finishing a project (albeit a small one) was really rewarding.

Nice and colorful! They look great on the fridge. The magnets I had on hand weren't quite thick enough to overcome the depth of the bottle caps, so I glued a couple layers of felt in under each magnet. You can see this best below with the red felt on the right. 

A hot glue gun would probably work but I don't have one (le gasp! a crafter without a glue gun?!). E-6000 did the trick! If you decide to make some and you're using a glue that requires a little time to set, like I did, MAKE SURE you don't put your bottlecaps too close together because the magnets will attract, as magnets do, and this can screw up your glue job if it's still wet.

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Have a great weekend, everyone! Tonight is my Sunday night- I had a rare two days off in a row, but I have to go in extra early to run a birthday rental tomorrow. What fun. Maybe I'll splurge on some Starbucks... :)

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