Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIPWednesday: Vintage Ribbon projects.

I have a ton of really awesome vintage ribbon. A couple years ago an old neighbor gave it to us; she was a secretary in a ribbon factory in the '60s and she'd hung on to it all this time.

Isn't it so awesome?? The problem I've got is that I'm kind of terrified to use it. It's so special and unique and so I end up hoarding it. I've used it in cardmaking once or twice, but never ever to wrap a gift! I'm trying to find projects that use it in ways where it won't be thrown away.

My first idea? Clear glass bulbs.

I'm not entirely happy with the result. To be honest, I'm kind of tired of the glass-ornament-filled-with-stuff look. And it was a pain trying to force the ribbon through the small opening at the top of the ornament.

Ideas? I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you would do with ribbon like this!

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