Friday, November 15, 2013

A late Halloween post

I've been slacking a bit.

I have been busy... but not that busy. Halloween party with my little brother, work, visits from family friends, and another trip to San Luis Obispo.

Kyle and I spent a lot of time and probably too much money on decorations and stuff. I made a ton of chocolate skulls for the occasion.

I used candy melts because they make it so easy-peasy; no tempering the chocolate, plus they came in bright orange! The molds are from Wilton. I picked up the super-tarnished platter at a local thrift store. Isn't it neat? I carefully covered the bottom with cellophane and double-sided tape because it was kind of gross.

Making them all was kind of a pain the ass. The big skull mold was not designed to be hollow and it took more than a whole bag of candy melts. All the skulls, big and small, are poured in two parts and had to be chocolated together. Like I said, big messy pain in the ass. Chocolate everywhere.

But they look so cool. At the risk of sounding like a seventeen-year-old with "YOLO" plastered across her t-shirt I'm gonna say it was worth it.

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