Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines: delicious on paper

Hope you had a good one! I decided not to give chocolate this year, which is a weird first for me. This holiday has always been about chocolate for my family, and every year we gave each other little tasty gifts. I had a sudden inspiration for chocolate cards a few days ago, though, and they turned out pretty cute!

I just used a circle punch and a slightly larger scalloped circle punch and glued them together! I already had some blank red cards and envelopes from another project. Easy as chocolate pie.

The details on the chocolates were a bit tricky. I used my Xyron 1.5" sticker maker and it felt like cheating, but glueing those tiny bits of paper would have been a sticky nightmare. I think the cards would have been perfectly fine plain, too. Brown or clear glitter might also look nice, but I kind of hate glitter (sorry) so I don't have any.

For my little brother's card I cut out a "chocolate" heart and let the scalloped circle punch take a bite. Simple but effective.

Hope you had a delicious holiday! All this chocolate talk is making me hungry, and while I did not give chocolate, I did receive some. Bon appetit!

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