Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oscar madness!

That really is what it's been at work lately- madness. Every year the theater I work at throws a big Oscar party. We sell every seat with seating arrangements. With your twenty-five dollar ticket (or thirty for a table) you get aballot to guess the winners win a theater gift card, a mock presenter bag with coupons from local businesses, a special champagne glass- filled with champagne, of course!- and dessert. We also have a photographer out to take photos.

Everyone, including us on staff, dress up. It's a lot of fun but it is SO. CRAZY. Years past we've only done one theater, so about 250 people, but this year we sold out both theaters, so altogether there will be around 400 people in our small theater. Yikes!!

Happy Kids, Inc

Happy Kids has a whole mess of awesome Oscary stuff going on this weekend, including an Oscar hop! Meg's also got twitter and instagram parties planned, plus a martini recipe using cuties- yum!

I've never really paid much attention to the Oscars in years past, but working at the Vine really put it on my radar, and I see the appeal of having a party at home, too. There's a lot of Oscar party ideas out there that I'd love to try some day!

cute movie-themed wine charms | etsy

Jessica Jones at How About Orange always shares her Oscar bingo cards every year.
Bakerella made some AMAZING Oscar statuette cookies a couple years ago.
Amy Butler's blog has a super cute bunch of DIY Oscar-themed favors.
And of course, a quick Pinterest search yields a ton of prinables!
Ty at Know and Tell Crafts had a clever idea to use 35mm film as a ring around an LED tealight- cute and movie-tastic!

I could keep going, keep searching... because there are so many ideas out there. Alas, I have to go shopping... terrible, I know! Gotta get a dress for work tomorrow. I'll be watching the ceremony tivo'd at my mom's on Monday. Are you watching/celebrating the Oscars at all this year? Who's your pick for best picture?

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