Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting organized

Because I'm not.

I've never really been organized, and I'm constantly caught in a vicious cycle: I'm naturally a little scatterbrained, so I'm prone to disorganization. But my unorganized life makes my scatterbrained-ness worse, which in turn makes it harder for me to get organized. It doesn't help that Wes and I have crazy customer service schedules, either.

But I know I need to change.

Last month I got a month-to-month organizer and a tear-off pad weekly organizer whose pages fit just perfectly in the month-to-month.

And I haven't really used them! I think I will use NaBloWriMo as a tool to get organized... to keep myself accountable for goals that I set.

  • I will plan ahead for blog posts, so I rarely wake up thinking, "Ok, what the heck will I write about this morning?" 
  • I will take note of what nights Wes and I are off together, so I can plan ahead to have a healthy meal that we can cook together.
  • I will plan what days I do laundry, and record what days I wash the sheets and the shower curtain.
  • I will also plan one day a week to clean the bathroom and the kitchen floor, and vacuum the carpet.
  • I will spend 20 minutes every day on decluttering. 

Whew! I think this is a good start. Not all of my ultimate goals are on here- I don't have anything about organizing my craft desk, or setting a schedule for organizing our wedding, but I think those will follow. One thing at a time!


  1. I bet the decluttering one will help you with everything. I'm not a neat freak by any means, but lots of clutter makes me feel like everything's out of control.

  2. i love decluttering. i always feel so much lighter afterwards.

  3. Yes, I think decluttering will definitely make me feel better! I don't mind a little clutter, because it makes me feel at home and helps my creative juices flow, but it gets out of control so quickly! Just gotta find a balance.