Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy (late) National Crochet Day!

According to Lion Brand Yarn's Facebook page, yesterday was National Crochet Day. I am sorry to have missed it, though I don't have any crochet projects to work on right now. I just finished a jersey yarn rug (from an old set of sheets) for my brother, and am all crocheted-out for the moment.

Still, I feel I should do something to observe National Crochet Day! So I will share a super neat resource I discovered, via Pinterest (naturally!).

Some wonderful person has uploaded Thérèse de Dillmont's Encyclopedia of Needlework in its entirety!

There is a whole chapter of crochet instructions, from basics to more complicated stitches to very intricate lace patterns. The images are very clear, and one or two youtube videos were added in as well.

There's a million and one crochet resources out there, but there's something special about learning from a book that is over one one hundred years old

This book has much more than just crochet, too! There are fifteen chapters covering sewing, embroidery, macrame, knitting, and more. Be prepared to scroll through loooooooong pages, though. Each chapter is one single page of the website! 

Happy crocheting!

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